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UV Blockers for PET bottles and thermoformed packaging. Used to prevent harmful UV light from degrading the contents of the package. With activity up to 400nm they give effective protection whilst retaining optical clarity. Combination products are available with colours or other additives

Slip / Anti-block for PET bottles and thermoformed packaging. Used to improve quality and process efficiency. They reduce scratching, scuffing and marking during production, handling and transport. Other benefits are achieved in specific applications:

PET preforms : Improved ejection, robot transfer and conveyance through downstream handling systems

PET bottles and containers : Improved conveyance of bottles through handling systems. The effect can be tailored for specific process requirements

Thermoformed packaging : Demoulding / denesting performance is improved, enabling reliable and fast processing, with minimal risk of blocking. The effect can be tailored to specific process requirements, with low haze and excellent optical clarity

Anti Yellow for recycled PET resins in bottle and thermoformed packaging. Used to improve the colour of R-PET, giving an appearance closer to that of virgin PET

IV Enhancer for recycled PET resins in bottle and thermofomed packaging. Used to rebuild molecular weight of R-PET sheet / bottle flake, giving improved processing and physcial properties

Foaming agents used to reduce product density and improve performance in several key application areas. Our liquid foaming agents enable accuracy and flexibility in dosing. By dosing at the machine feedthroat users achieve faster changes in product density to meet process or planning requirements. Key application areas are:

PVC extrusion : A range of products suitable for sheet, pipe and profile. To achieve optimum performance our foaming agents are tailored to meet individual customers' process requirements

PVC plastisol and flexible : For coated fabrics, wall and floor covering applications we have a range of ADCA/Plasticiser dispersions. Other foaming agents are available for closure seal and specialty applications
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