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We offer a complete range of equipment for handling, dosing and mixing liquid materials. Our equipment solutions are the key to long term performance of our colorant / additive systems

Complete systems are built from a range of modular components that have been developed in-house. This modular construction enables easy customisation of our systems to meet individual customer requirements

The key system components are:

Controls : Integrated in a single panel with PLC controller to enable customisation. The control interface is simple and robust, we aim to achieve the minimum level of input from the user, with flexibility to build in features for more advanced users. Controls may be standalone or linked via Ethernet to enable central monitoring

Gravimetric monitoring and control is available to track the output of the dosing pump. In this way material usage data may be captured and monitored locally or via other plant level monitoring systems

Handling/Distribution : Our transfer system takes material from the delivery pack to the dosing pump, via sealed tubing, with no need to pour or contact the material manually. The transfer system uses a common operating principle for all packaging formats, from small packs to IBC containers. Material can be supplied to single dosing pumps or through a distribution system to multiple points of use

Dosing pumps : Include many novel features to eliminate reliability issues common with other systems. The design ensures continuous supply of material to the pump and all common causes of variation have been designed out. They are mechanically more reliable, and are able to maintain consistent performance with a wider/higher range of material viscosity. Real world experience has shown that our pumps continue to operate reliably having pumped many times the weight of material that had caused failure of competitor's pumps

Mixers : Our quick clear premixers include many novel features to eliminate reliability issues common with other mixers. In PET applications the design includes features to enable rapid colour changes and avoids hang-up of material that may cause contamination during and after production. For example black specs that are commonly experienced in certain transparent green colour applications. Options are available to avoid reduction and variation of inlet resin temperature, thereby eliminating it as a cause of screw slippage and process instability when running colorants/additives. The drive system is designed to overcome the problem of heat transfer from the PET resin to the gearmotor, achieving significant improvements in reliability

For PVC dryblend our powder mixers are used at the extruder to improve colour consistency in highly filled formulations. This not only improves colour consistency, but can eliminate variation in filler level caused by un-mixing in the powder transfer and feeding system

For other granular polymers a less energy intensive mixing system is used to avoid degradation of the polymer granules, whilst ensuring excellent pre-mixing
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